26th November 2023

Christ The King – Heroic Deeds (Christine Bainbridge)

19th November 2023

Kingdom Choices (Claire Alcock)

12th November 2023

Remembrance (Richard Croft)

29th October 2023

Love your neighbour as yourself sermon (Mark Laynesmith)

22nd October 2023

What are you for (Christine Bainbridge)

15th October 2023

Healing (Richard Croft)

8th October

When the harvest fails (Claire Alcock)

24th September 2023

ScandalousMercy (Richard Croft)

17th September 2023

The Unmerciful Servant

10th September 2023

Becoming a new Creation (Christine Bainbridge)

27th August 2023

Time (Hamish Bruce)

20th August 2023

The Person Inside (Claire Alcock)

13th August 2023

Genesis 37vv1-28 Dreamcoat (Jeremy Thake)

6th August 2023

Plugged in switched on – All Age Talk (Richard Croft)

30th July 2023

Treasure (Richard Croft)

23rd July 2023

Living with the Psalms (Hamish Bruce)

16th July 2023

The Parable of the Sower (Christine Bainbridge)

9th July 2023

Who do you think you are (Claire Alcock)

2nd July 2023

All Age Talk – A cup of water (Jeremy Thake)

25th June 2023

Fruitful Church (Claire Alcock)

18th June 2023

Father’s Day (Mark Laynesmith)

11th June 2023

St Barnabas (Christine Bainbridge)

28th May 2023

Pentecost – celebration and challenge (Claire Alcock)

21st May 2023

Ascension – Jesus Prays for the Disciples (Jeremy Thake)

14th May 2023

Christian Aid Week (Richard Croft)

30th April 2023

Hallmarks of the Church (Claire Alcock)

23rd April 2023

Confirmation service (Bishop Olivia Graham)

16th April 2023

Resurrection (Jeremy Thake)

26th March 2023

The Raising of Lazarus (Mark Laynesmith)

19th March 2023

Mothering Sunday 2023 (Claire Alcock)

12th March 2023

Woman at well (Christine Bainbridge)

26th February 2023

Temptation (Jeremy Thake)

19th February 2023

Transfiguration (Richard Croft)

12th February 2023

Why Worry (Claire Alcock)

29th January 2023

Candlemas – In celebration of the slow and the small (Claire Alcock)

22nd January 2023

Sermon liberals and conservatives (Mark Laynesmith)

15th January 2023

Baptism of Christ (Claire Alcock)

8th January 2023

An Invitation to Existential Well Being (Christine Bainbridge)

1st January 2023

All Age Talk – flight to Egypt (Hamish Bruce)

18th December 2022

Exploring the Meanings of Salvation (Mark Laynesmith)

11th December 2022

JohnTheBaptist (Richard Croft)

4th December 2022

The Prophets (Christine Bainbridge)

27th November 2022

The Two Sides of Advent – first and second coming (Jeremy Thake)