Mission Giving

Many people in our church became fed-up with spending weeks raising funds through activities like jumble sales. Almost 22% of the church’s giving came from these activities and so the decision was made to increase our giving to the church, and have this top sliced so that 22% of the giving was put aside to support outside projects.

A small group meet several times a year to review where we give our support. It’s a privilege to be able to give around £19,000 to projects each year, many of which have direct connections to members of the church. For example, some members volunteer at Communicare, or with REInspired, are involved with Christians Against Poverty or A Rocha, or work at Circles or Readifood. Other members have previously worked in Bangladesh or Nepal, where we also support projects. We try to prayerfully make a difference – both in England and around the world. There is always more that we could do!

Fiona and Joel Kelling and their two children, Aidan and Nora, live in Amman, Jordan. They are supported by CMS (The Church Mission Society). St John and St Stephen’s has supported the work of CMS for many years and they have linked us with the Kellings, to help us to put a face to the work of the church in another part of the world.

In Jordan, Fiona and Joel work alongside local churches and institutions to provide practical and spiritual care to vulnerable groups to strengthen the mission of the Church within the Middle East.

Developing relationships digitally has been challenging during the pandemic but they now hope to meet face-to-face with church leaders across the region. Working with church leaders and with vulnerable groups such as migrant workers and refugees, they hope to live out their vocation “to support and strengthen Christian communities in the Middle East, reaching out to poor and marginalised groups (especially refugees) and encourage reconciliation through interfaith exchange”.