Mission Giving

Giving to our mission partners in the UK and abroad is based on a percentage of general income received in the previous year. Currently this is 22%, and the 2023 budget for mission giving is for £19,500. Using a specific proportion of our income for “outward” giving means that time and effort that would be spent on activities like jumble sales and coffee mornings can be directed elsewhere. Most of the organisations are chosen because members of the congregation are already involved in volunteering or working for them, or have past connections with them.

In addition to this specific planned giving, money is also raised for these mission partners and other causes, such as international emergencies, through occasional special appeals and at our regular church lunches.

This year the budgeted giving is going to:

ARocha who co-ordinate EcoChurch, Christian Aid fighting global poverty, Christians Against Poverty providing debt advice, Circles of support and accountability to reduce sex offending,  Communicare providing advice, information and support locally, CMS (see below),  Faith Readifood foodbank, Hope into Action providing a home for vulnerable people, International Nepal Fellowship, LAMB Hospital in Bangladesh,  Reading Refugee Support, RE-Inspired bringing RE to life in schools, and The World Land Trust protecting endangered habitats.

You can find out more about some of these at our social engagement page.


Fiona and Joel Kelling and their two children, Aidan and Nora, live in Amman, Jordan. They are supported by CMS (The Church Mission Society). St John and St Stephen’s has supported the work of CMS for many years and they have linked us with the Kellings, to help us to put a face to the work of the church in another part of the world.

In Jordan, Fiona and Joel work alongside local churches and institutions to provide practical and spiritual care to vulnerable groups to strengthen the mission of the Church within the Middle East. In recent months they have been very much involved with the Church’s engagement in Climate conferences, responding to migration and human trafficking, and peace building. Find out more and read their most recent link letter here.