Concern about Climate Change was the original motivation for our church’s decision to become an EcoChurch. Since then we have regularly engaged with both Reading Borough Council and our local MPs on the climate crisis, and attended mass demonstrations and climate conferences most recently COP26 in Glasgow. Despite the deep seriousness of the issues at stake, these are always uplifting and enjoyable events to be a part of. Our mission partner, Joel Kelling, attended COP27 and sent back this report: Good COP

Several of us are members of Reading Area Green Christians whose projects include supporting the Climate and Ecology Bill. In 2020 Oxford Diocese voted to reach net zero carbon by 2035.

In 2021, many of us joined with our current bishop, the Rt Revd Olivia Graham, in welcoming and walking with the Young Christian Climate Network on their pilgrimage from the G7 meeting in Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow. We plan to join her this April for the climate protest in London too. Our Associate Priest, Christine Bainbridge, regularly joins the Wednesday afternoon prayer vigils outside parliament. You can find out more about our activities on our blog.